#Pray4Women…Spirit of Sabotage Part II

Hello Truth Seekers!

A few weeks ago, you may have read my post on sabotage which discussed ways in which other people sabotage one another. Well this week I wanted to discuss part two of the spirit of sabotage which actually discusses ways individuals sabotage themselves and their own life.

Again, sabotage is defined as damaging, destroying, or obstructing something.  Now I know some of you may have heard this term…you’re headed for self destruction. Or maybe this one…get out of your own way! Both of these are true when it comes to self-sabotage.  Most of our own destruction comes from the way we think. Now remember, the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.  And the first thing he attacks or attempts to attack is the mind.

A lot of times because of past hurts, past relationships, failures, poor choices, or because we believed what someone said about us, we begin to develop unhealthy thinking habits.  We begin to believe everyone is out to get us.  We believe every man wants to use us.  We even believe that we are being dealt a bad hand because of something we may have done to someone in the past. This type of thinking damages our thinking and causes our brain to develop defense mechanisms so that we cannot build authentic, healthy, and loving relationships.

Think about the way you respond to situations.  Do you ever think things through or do you fly off the handle in your emotions?  Do you find yourself questioning everything someone does for you?  Can you talk to someone and bounce ideas off of them when you feel hurt or betrayed?  Do you try to find something good in everyone you meet?  Have you forgiven the person that hurt you?  Have you lashed out at others in anger when you have felt that they wronged you? And of course the list goes on.

Let me help you right through here sis.  If you answered no to the majority of these questions, then there is a great chance that you have not completely healed from your hurts in life.  It is time to be set free from what has been holding you back from having a joyful, happy, and authentic life.  The enemy has gotten the best of you and now it is time to send him back to the pits of hell where he belongs.

So father God now in the name of Jesus, I come on behalf of my sisters who suffer with the spirit of sabotage.  I bind up that spirit right now in the name of Jesus and send it back to hell, sheol, and hades where it belongs.  I ask father God that you begin to loose wisdom and a sound mind back into the life of my sister.  I command that her mind begin to function according to your will.  I pull down strongholds and cast down vain imaginations.  I set them down under the foot of Jesus Christ and I decree and declare that my sister is free and shall operate as such.  She is whole and she is full of your spirit. Transform her mind now in the name of Jesus so that it becomes a mind full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. I speak healing into her life now and I ask that you perform surgery on her heart so that she can forgive everyone who hurt them. She shall develop healthy and authentic relationships into her life right now in the name of Jesus.  I declare that this day and all future days she shall walk in newness in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen!

Spirit of Sabotage…#Pray4Women

Good morning Truth Seekers!

One thing I have experienced in my many years of being apart of the Kingdom of God is when other women show their jealousy and insecurity through the spirit of sabotage. This can be a very hurtful ordeal because God told us to show love for one another regardless of the way we feel about the person.  I mean lets be honest, everyone is not going to gel with one another, however we have a responsibility to God by showing him that we can live peacefully among one another. The Bible says in Romans 12:18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.  And to me, every situation is possible. And the Bible did not say some men, but all men.

Sabotage is defined as deliberately destroying, damaging, or obstructing something especially for political or military advantage. Let’s look at this definition a little bit more.  What is the main objective and goal for the devil himself?  That’s right…the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  So if you are choosing to sabotage someone, that behavior does not come from God.  It is an evil spirit.  God wants us to prosper in whatever we do, especially if it is for the Kingdom.

Next, let’s look at the political or military advantage. Truth be told, people have agendas in whatever arena they choose whether it be church, work, family, etc.  Politics are played in a lot of situations because no one wants to experience or hear truth.  So people choose to massage situations all the time which would make them look politically correct on various topics. Side Note:  if you find a person never wanting to admit truth to others, know that they have a hidden agenda and are not being authentic to who they are nor the other person.

Because the Kingdom of God is also the army of God, we have individuals who possess influential and persuasive power among people.  They have been given titles and position in the church and they take advantage of others, they use their power and influence for evil, and they damage the body of Christ.  We need to always remember that when we push forward our agenda, we sabotage the Kingdom of God!

So right now in the name of Jesus, I speak against that spirit of sabotage and I decree and declare that the Kingdom of Heaven prevails against every evil and demonic force that is trying to rise up against the servants of God.  I rebuke the spirit of sabotage and send it back to the pits of hell with no return address.  I ask father God that you remove this spirit from your people and put a halt to anything that will try to destroy, obstruct, or damage ideas, voices, projects, or anything positive to further your Kingdom.  Reveal and expose hidden agendas of evil thought in the name of Jesus. Touch our minds, hearts, and spirits and convict us when we begin to operate in this spirit. I loose the spirit of love, peace, and joy into the body of Christ and pray that we all are healed from this spirit in Jesus name! Amen!

Stay tuned for Part II of the spirit of sabotage on Saturday! Until then…

Be prayerful, Be authentic, and Be blessed!


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Spirit of Depression…#Pray4Women

Good Evening Truth Seekers!

While I was in prayer a few weeks ago, God began to show me a woman laying a coffin.  She was in a fetal position crying.  Depression had overtaken her to the point where everything she operated in turned to death.  She was in a dead position. The enemy was fighting her tooth and nail.  She had given up.  She had no LIFE!

Now I’m a definition person because it helps me understand what we fight against. Therefore, I’m going to list 3 different definitions.

Death = the action or fact of dying…or being killed…the end of life.

Depression = feelings of severe despondency (low spirits) and dejection (sadness).

Now, I know I’m only giving two definitions right now. But I want you to really take a look at both of those definitions.  Death is an action word. I want you to know that the devil/enemy wants to KILL you. He wants to take over your mind and conform it to his.  After all, nothing good is within him.  And everything good is in God! The enemy’s main goal is to steal, kill, and destroy.  In this situation, he wants to steal your joy, hope, dreams, and voice.  He wants to kill you! Why? Because of who you are in God. He knows what is inside of you and he does not want you to share your gift and abilities with the world. He wants to destroy your relationships, character, abilities and gifts. He wants you to feel inadequate.  That’s his job.  Because once he has done all that….he’s got you right where he wants you….DEPRESSED!!!

But God sent me to tell you that the devil cannot have you! God is the giver of life and you have it!

Life = the condition of growth, reproduction, functional activity and continual change…the existence of an individual.

In my vision, God showed me that this woman stopped growing.  She stopped being productive.  She stopped functioning in all capacities.  She never changed.  This quite naturally brought upon depression.  And now she was dying.  When you are depressed, you have lost your voice.  I’m here to help you get your voice back!  Starting NOW!!!  Whoever you are…this prayer is for you! If you are a woman suffering with depression, I am here to tell you to get up from your dying place.

Father God in the name of Jesus, I come to you now on behalf of my sister suffering with depression.  I speak to her mind now and declare that she is mentally sound.  I speak life into her situation.  I rebuke the spirit of depression that is hovering over her life.  No weapon formed against her shall prosper.  I ask God right now in the name of Jesus to remove all heaviness, fear, doubt, and sadness.  No internal or external weapon be it emotional, psychological, social, financial, or biological formed against you shall prosper.  And I speak life into you now!  You shall rise up and be who God called you to be.  You shall operate in faith.  You shall possess the joy of the Lord.  You shall be full of strength.  You will be productive.  You shall continually grow in the things of God.  I bind all demonic forces that have come up against you in Jesus name and loose the love and peace of God into you spirit now.  I command your mind and atmosphere to line up with the will of God.  I send angels to your home now and command that they fight every battle.  You have the victory in Jesus name! Amen!

Know that I love you to life and you have been authentically embraced by me! Until next time….

Be prayerful, Be authentic, and Be blessed!





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#Pray4Women…A SOCIAL MEDIA Movement

After reading the story of Lil Kim, my heart began to sink and I felt sad for her.  I was shocked to see the woman that I admired at one point back in the 90’s had decided to change her entire appearance.  I always thought she was beautiful.  Then when I began to read the reasons why she chose to have a lot of plastic surgery done, I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  She stated that she didn’t feel beautiful because men in her life had often told her she was not pretty enough.  Smh.

This prompted me to get back on my grind of teaching women how to EMBRACE their authentic selves!!! I myself have suffered with low self-esteem due to what others have told me.  Then one day I opened my eyes and God began to show me how beautiful I am.  From that day forward, I kept my head in the air and stayed positive.

I created my life coaching company, Authentic Coaching, to empower women to embrace their authenticity.  Too often, we as women change ourselves for others forgetting that God created us to be who he wanted us to be.  It is my duty to assist women with finding their true identity again.  I plan to coach women back into authentic womanhood.  And thus….here is my first project….#Pray4Women!

I am so excited about this journey.  There is no limit to my prayers for women.  God has already downloaded a lot of information to give.  Now that is not to say that this journey won’t be difficult.  There are a lot of issues I plan to address.  Some days you will love me.  Some days you will hate my guts.  But know that everything I post is from God.  And He loves you and so do I.  Those who love you the most will call you out on your stuff!!! Know that!!! So if you find yourself around a bunch of people who are always accepting of your behavior and opinions…know that they don’t love you enough to see you do the right thing.

For the next few months, plan to journey here on a weekly basis (maybe more) to read what God is saying to women.  He is always talking. The question is…are you listening?  I know I am and I plan to share His concerns and what’s on His heart for you.  He loves you. God cares for you.  And he always has you on His mind!

I look forward to being your servant in prayer.  If at any time you need a special prayer, please visit my website at www.authentic-coaching.biz. Fill out the form and I will pray for you weekly.   I am the only one who reads prayer requests.

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Be prayerful, Be authentic, and Be blessed,






Good Evening Truth Seekers!

My name is Sherress and I am your Life Coach, your Counselor and your Friend! This is my first blog post on WordPress however I’m not new to blogging!

I’ve been a counselor for 15 years professionally and I have decided to start my dream which is becoming an entrepreneur….a life coach, author and speaker! I’m super duper excited and I’m honored to have you along for the journey! You are officially a “Truth Seeker.” WELCOME!!!

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Be blessed, Be prayerful, and Be authentic!

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